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Designed by students, for students experiencing food insecurity

This student-led, student-run program allows high school students to choose their own brand new, brand-name food items by ordering anonymously online using their student ID number. In addition to serving their peers, students who lead these programs learn real-world business skills like inventory management, customer service, purchasing and philanthropy.

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Hunger in teens is real


Hungry teens perform worse academically and attend school less often than hungry elementary children. Not only do older children need more calories, a wider selection of choices, and larger portions, but at some point in every child’s life, appearances begin to matter and kids are assigned “labels.”

No child or young adult wants to be seen coming out of the “food pantry” or singled out as “needy” or “hungry,” or feel embarrassed about their situation. Discretion and respect are key aspects of the Shak program.

Some teens are responsible for feeding their younger siblings or may have no idea where their next meal is coming from and rely on Snack Shak™ for their main source of nutrition.

These teens deserve to receive quality, nutritious food

SP4K’s solution to the issues surrounding teen hunger is Snack Shak™. Providing nutritious food while still maintaining their privacy and dignity.

Teens want to make their own food choices. Snack Shak™ allows them to do this by giving them the opportunity to choose food from a menu of over 30 items. By ordering online, they are able to get brand new, brand-name food for themself and their family, while protecting their identity.

Students also choose where they want to pick up their food – selecting a favorite teacher, counselor, coach, last class of the day on Friday or other trusted staff member.

When a student no longer needs Snack Shak™, they go online and remove themself from the program.

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Find out how Snack Shak™ works

Download the Snack Shak™ Manual
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Participating Snack Shak™ Schools

SP4K currently serves 300+ students through student-run Snack Shaks™ across the Panhandle of Texas. Find out how to start one at your school!

  • Tascosa High School
  • Caprock High School
  • Amarillo High School
  • Canadian High School
  • Palo Duro High School
  • Dumas High School
  • Hereford High School
  • Plainview High School
  • Dalhart High School
  • Friona High School
  • Tascosa High School
  • Caprock High School
  • Amarillo High School
  • Palo Duro High School
  • Dumas High School
  • Hereford High School
  • Plainview Middle School
  • Plainview High School
  • San Antonio High School

Don’t see your school on the list? Find out how to start a Snack Shak™ at your school.

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