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In early October 2018, we released a video highlighting the impact weekend hunger has on kids.

What many people didn’t realize is that the stories from this video are real. Texas teachers shared stories about their elementary, middle, and high school students in Snack Pak 4 Kids or Snack Shak programs.

It’s easy to imagine hunger in third world countries, but it’s a lot harder to imagine it right here — in our own backyards. However, once we open our eyes and see how close weekend hunger is to our schools, our neighborhoods, and our communities, we can take steps to make a difference.

And that’s exactly what teachers, volunteers, and donors are doing. By supporting weekend hunger relief programs like SP4K, they’re ensuring students feel valued, have the nutrients to learn on Monday mornings, and are always treated with dignity and respect.

So what does hunger really look like here in the Texas Panhandle? These are just a few of the behind-the-scenes stories, as told by teachers, portrayed in our new video.


The Smiling Boy


“The two students that received Snack Paks this year couldn’t wait to get them on Fridays. One little boy asked if he could have an extra one because he had to share it with his whole family.

Both of my SP4K students spoke up about how thankful they were because it kept them from being hungry on the weekends.”


The Bag of Apple Jacks


“In my class, each student is asked to bring snacks, and I would help my SP4K student out when it was his time. The last time he had snacks. He said, ‘Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it.’

I was a little concerned, but he showed up with 18 boxes of Apple Jacks for his class. He had been saving them from his Snack Pak and he was so proud! Thanks for helping these kids out.”


The Sick Teen


“I had a student who would come to school every Monday morning who looked physically sick. He lives with his elderly grandmother, and they rarely had food to help them through the weekend.

The first Monday he returned to school after receiving his Snack Pak, he actually hunted me down to let me know that his grandmother was so happy because they had food. And it was food that the student could prepare since the grandmother was ill. He also shared the satisfaction he felt while providing for his grandmother.

The student still receives a bag every week and looks physically better than I have ever seen him. I whole-heartedly know that this program has made a difference in the life of this student and his grandmother. Thank you for loving the whole family.”


The Empty Lunch Box


“I had a young lady who always had her lunch box with her. During lunch, I noticed she would come and stand by the wall without even sitting and eating. One day, I asked her what was in her lunch box, and she said, ‘Nothing, but I bring it to school and pretend there is something in there.’

I asked her if she was hungry, and she replied, ‘Yes.’ She said money and food were tight at home. She had younger siblings, and she would give her food to them so they would not go hungry. I suggested Snack Shak, and the next day, she signed up.

Every time her bag was delivered, she would open it up and start eating. I know this young lady will forever remember how SP4K provided food for her and probably her siblings, too.

After a while, it appeared to me that she was thriving and becoming more social due to the food she received through Snack Shak. Please keep this program going.”


Are Kids In Your Community Going Hungry?

How many kids in your community aren’t able to learn on Monday mornings? How many have to care for their siblings, grandparents, or even parents? How much of an impact could you make in their lives by starting a hunger relief program?

Creating a Snack Pak 4 Kids in your community may seem overwhelming, but it only takes one person to make a difference. By establishing a sustainable kid-centered hunger relief program, you can:

  • Provide kids with brand new, brand-name food over the weekends
  • Help them learn and succeed in school
  • Ensure they are always treated with dignity and respect
  • Show them that someone cares about them
  • And more

Ready to get started? Download the Start A Snack Pak infographic to learn what SP4K is, how the program works, the keys to success, and how to create your own sustainable hunger relief program for kids in your community.

After all, kids can’t learn when they’re hungry. But they can change the world when they’re full.