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Imagine a kid struggling with hunger. His stomach growls constantly. He’s frustrated, embarrassed, and lonely. He can’t learn in school.

Now imagine how much this same kid’s life could change if he had access to food over the weekends.


He’s able to focus in class, make friends, and fit in. He isn’t worried about where his next meal is coming from. He knows someone cares about him – and that impact goes so much deeper than a satisfied stomach.


When hungry kids have brand new, brand-name food over the weekends, it changes their lives.


They can grow and learn.


They can leave their mark on the world.


They can help kids just like them.


Unfortunately, we don’t always realize how much of a difference food can make in a child’s life.


That’s why we created this video, These Same Kids. This video highlights real stories of hunger and transformation from kids living in the Texas Panhandle.


See what hunger looks like up close and find out how a hunger relief program can help kids grow, become successful, and make a difference in your community.


After all, kids can’t learn when they’re hungry, but they can change the world when they’re full.




End Weekend Hunger For Kids In Your Community

It only takes one person to make an impact in a child’s life. By starting a hunger relief program in your community, you can help hungry kids get the nutrients they need to learn on Monday mornings. Show them they matter, help them feel like they belong, and inspire them to change the lives of other hungry kids.


And that benefits the whole community!


Are you ready to get started? Download our free infographic to learn what Snack Pak 4 Kids is, our key principles for success, and how to create a sustainable program of your own.