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I had the pleasure of meeting with Dyron Howell and Mr. Craig at a SP4K Training to observe the students in action at Tascosa High School and Bowie Jr. High. What caught my eye, more than anything else, is the impact Snack Shak has had on these high school students. 

The organized and professional manner that these students demonstrated was very impressive. The faculty and administration support they receive from their school’s staff is helping to develop strong leadership qualities in these young leaders. The qualities of leadership they are developing will be with them for life. They are not only helping to feed many students, but they are also developing qualities that will help them make successful strong leaders in the future workforce.
I was impressed with their organizational skills to complete the task of filling the food bags each week, but, more importantly, I was so impressed with what they are learning to grow into outstanding leaders of tomorrow. They were able to speak very clearly and convey a strong message in front of strangers and met each one of us with a strong handshake and personal greeting. They are each giving to others on a daily basis and gaining personal rewards and satisfaction of helping others.
Volunteerism and giving to others are strong avenues to help them to grow into responsible adults who will continue with these traits throughout their life time. These students are truly an inspiration to me, and I am sure to others.
The evening session of the large number of volunteers who came together to fill bags with food for the younger children was also amazing. The many volunteers were dedicated to making it a fun experience while accomplishing a tremendous goal of filling 4,000 sacks.
The organization and prior planning that goes in to this event each time is amazing. I was so impressed with the toddlers learning how to give to others by racing around to pick up the discarded boxes. People of all ages and walks of life were dancing and singing while filling bags via the assembly lines. Most impressive was the beautiful 92 year old lady who comes every week to help. I actually ran into one of my former nursing students and her husband, who said they help every time.
I am only sorry that I did not know about this project when I was still bringing students down to do nursing clinicals. I would have had them there helping with this amazing experience and seeing why I always pushed volunteerism as being part of their leadership class.
Thousands of children are fed each week because of a little spark Snack Pak 4 Kids had years ago. It just takes someone with an idea and a little initiative to make great things happen. This amazing program is feeding the hungry kids so they can survive and learn and is also helping create our future leaders. These students will continue with these great traits and will help others the rest of their lives.
Thanks to Dyron and the SP4K team for working to help this program to continue to grow. Also a big thanks to all of those who support this program, such as Cactus Feeders and Wayne Craig. I saw the article where $20,000 was raised for SP4K by selling Hockey jerseys there in Amarillo. Amazing work is going on in so many areas. Keep the flame burning and training more to carry on.

How much of a difference could a Snack Shak or Snack Pak 4 Kids have in your community? Kids would have the food they need to succeed in school. Other students would have the opportunity to volunteer and learn lasting leadership skills. You would know that every day, your program was making a significant difference in the lives of hungry kids.

It just takes one person to make a difference. Could that one person be you?
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*Image credit Brian Barrett Photography